Sunday, July 6, 2014

Prayer and pretzels

We picked the kids up from camp yesterday. They were full of laughter and stories and song and God's word. They talked about the 'affirmations' they received from their counselors and were all so happy. They also loved the food, which is always an interesting part of camp that many others don't remember from their childhood. All three told us their favorite meals (and their second and third favorites!), breaking down by meal-type in some cases. It was all pretty funny.

I had warned them before they left for camp that we were in a somewhat lean time. We had to buy a car a couple of months ago, which is always a big expense. Camp isn't cheap. And, of course, there are the other life things always that pop up. Anyway, they've arrived home to a particularly rough week and it makes me feel guilty. I know that they won't be talking about this week's meals with even close to the excitement over the camp food. I'm struggling with trusting Jesus with my worries. I'm struggling that provision won't come. I'm just...struggling.

Knowing that I was heading into dangerous territory, I made sure to make it to church today. I knew I'd need to hear the message. So, while the rest of the house caught up on lost sleep, I woke up and went to pray with anyone else who decided to get up and head to church, too. I laughed out loud when I saw the verse on the cover of the bulletin: Come to me, all you that are weary, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:38). Yep! This was a message I needed this morning.

I sat with some friends I don't see all that often and confided my worries. I felt better. The pastor talked about resting in Jesus and I felt better. I prayed the service prayers and some on my own and I felt better. My hear was considerably lighter on the way home.

It occurred to me that I had the stuff on hand to make hot pretzels, which my family loves. What a great snack for this afternoon between ball games! No, I may no be able to buy them something from the snack stand. No, we may not be going out for ice cream or eating anything even remotely fun for lunch. But, homemade pretzels? YES! I also have iced coffee in the fridge, which I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that my kids like. Iced coffee, pretzels and games. I'd say making do isn't so bad! 

I tired to shape them better, it just didn't work.

Those pretzels may not have started out looking like much more than a doughy mess. But, in the end, they're just what we needed.  Prayer and pretzels...they've made for a great Sunday!

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