Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day

So, it's not actually Mother's Day...but it's coming. There's often a lot of scrambling to make sure the mothers and mothers-in-law are happy. I've read a couple of blog posts about Mother's Day (here and here), which help to process expectations and the like. Sometimes it's hard to balance between wanting things for me and wanting things for others. David did ask me what I want and I said that I'd just like to have a nice weekend. Maybe we'll head to the gluten free bakery if we can fit it in around baseball games. We'll definitely have dinner with his parents and find time to visit with mine. But, I think I'd really like to just spend some time with my kids. I'd like them to know how loved they are. To that end, here are some short letters that I'd like to share with them...and I guess you.

Dear Oldest Daughter,
Oh my goodness, I can't believe I have a young girl approaching her mid-teens. You are such a beautiful girl, inside and out. You leave me in awe with your kindness and tenderness toward the little kids you encounter and I'm always so proud when I hear how polite and respectful you are to adults. I know how hard you work in school and hope you know that I recognize it. I know that studying doesn't come easy to you and yet you keep going back - that's a sign of great character!

I hope you know, too, that all of the emotions get easier. I can't promise that life will get easier (in fact, I can promise it won't!), but you'll find your way through it despite the awkwardness you feel now. You'll find the group of friends that can lift you up and love you through; friends that mix in with your siblings and love you more than you thought possible. Please remember - don't compare yourselves to anyone else. No one else is you...and no one can do your life just like you can.

Right now, I encourage you to keep praying and keep loving. Like we learn at church, Love God, Love Your Neighbor...Nothing Else Matters.

I love you, my little girl!

Dear Younger Daughter,
Here you are, "Bun Bun The Middle One." You never fail to make me laugh; a girl who knows exactly what I will find funny. You love to play games and snuggle and just spend time with me. I can't tell you how happy that makes me! You also try hard to keep the peace and balance between you and your siblings - such the peacemaker. Your fun and sparking personality is always a joy to be around.

I know that you like to rise to challenges and I hope that you'll always work for what you want. A job well-done is always worth the work! It's fun to watch you practice to improve the on the softball field and get so excited when you have a great report card to show. Just remember, when you fail to meet the bar you set...don't give up! You have an inner strength that you can rely on.

Just like your sister, I remind you to keep praying and keep loving. Love God, Love Your Neighbor...Nothing Else Matters.

I love you, baby girl!

Dear Son,
Oh, the baby! With your two older sisters and me, you certainly get your share of "mothering." I hope we're not spoiling you too much! You are so loving, though, that I think it's worth it. I love that you still love to sit close and hug me. Even though you're getting older and like to hang out with the guys, you're still willing to hang out and watch cooking shows with me.

You love to play baseball and that is something that I will never cease to enjoy watching you do. You get so excited and take it so seriously - it's contagious! You're learning to control your temper and frustrations and it's so much fun to watch. You're polite and loving and are such a wonderful young man. I look forward to seeing you learning to be a man of God.

Keep praying, keep going to church. Keep learning how to treat those around you. Love God, Love Your Neighbor...Nothing Else Matters.

I love you, baby!

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