Friday, May 9, 2014

The Draft

Father, son and a dog...watching the draft. I promise their eyes don't always glow
I met my husband 20 years ago this summer. He has watched the NFL draft ever year that I can remember.  I remember when it switched from an entire weekend affair to the extended thing it is now. I remember how disappointed he was that he couldn't spend a whole weekend watching men make team decisions. 

One year,  I decided to try and watch with him. He loved it so much that I couldn't help but try to learn about it. That year, they did a human interest story on one of the young men that was supposed to be among the first picks. This is how I ended up really liking Payton Manning. He was so impressive on that show - not only a great football player, but volunteered and showed wonderful character. I was hooked and have loved him ever since!

We're watching the draft again this year. My son asked if he could skip his normal 30 minutes of reading time to see as much of it as he can. He and his father (and a friend, who we're watching for a little bit) are so into it - it's hysterical. They're discussing who they think will be next and why it wouldn't or wouldn't be a good choice. I have zero idea how boys know all of this stuff, but forget how I like the dishwasher loaded.

Our back room just erupted because a player from the University at Buffalo got drafted 5th. They all watched him play and can't wait to watch him the NFL. There is apparently some disappointment that it's with Oakland, but I suppose we can't have everything. It's really fun to have our hometown represented in the big leagues!

I have to say that I've always enjoyed college sports more than professional, with the possible exception of baseball. However, with a husband and son who love football this much, it's hard not to get into it just a little bit.

Do you watch any sports on TV? (I grew up watching baseball, football and golf. After getting married, it was more of the same.)

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