Monday, June 9, 2014

On being content

It's funny how things can be on our minds and then we'll notice a theme popping up all over the if the universe is confirming our thoughts. Or, and this is where I land on things, it's how God sometimes tells me that I'm right. Or wrong. Lately? I've been rather discontent.

I will totally admit that May and June are insane months for us. (That's a post for another time.) I tend to get spread too thin, which is when doubting thoughts have a tendency to sneak in. It's hard to be positive and happy and, well, content! There is too much going on and I can't slow down and I want things in my life that will make everything easier.

You know what would make things easier right now? A working dryer. And? A working dishwasher. Many times in the last few weeks I've thought that if we only had those two additional things, life would be so. much. easier. There are literally stacks of dishes that need to get done. Every time I think we're getting close, we're rushing through two more meals and we're right back to where we've started. Laundry has to be hung the night before if there is any chance of requested items in time for work or school. (I don't really allow the kids to request certain clothes, so I totally admit this is all me.)

The thing is, those things would probably make things easier. They were invented for a reason, right? But, I'm not sure they'd solve the actual problem: me. By focusing on the things that are all wrong (dirty dishes, difficult laundry, a messy house, not enough money), I'm completely ignoring the things that are right (a roof over our heads, food, family, friends, dogs, clothes, cars, jobs...). The more I think about the frustrating stuff, the more annoyed I get.

I read this today and I felt like I was getting a slap on the face. (It was not Kristen's intent to call me out on my issues, seeing as she doesn't even know me. But, as I said in the beginning, I'm pretty sure that God was sending me a message.) You know what? I have more than most people can dream about. To be honest, my DOGS have a better life than many. I'm annoyed that I'm hand-washing my dishes and some people I met in Belize don't have the water, soap or sponge that I'm using, let alone the dishes I'm washing.

This isn't meant to sound like a sermon; I'm in no position to preach to anyone. (Well, except for myself.) It's more of a reminder. I'd rather be thankful for what I have than be miserable about what I don't have. Being thankful breeds happiness - it's a fact!

Colossians 1:17 says 'In Him all things hold together.' I don't need to look anywhere else to be content. My life will be what it needs to be. I don't need a dishwasher to be happy or content. Would my life be easier? Sure. But He never promised easy...He just said He'd always be there. He'll hold it all together as look as I keep looking up. So, tonight I will be thankful as I try to get through all of the dishes. I'll be thankful as I fold the laundry that was hung in the basement. And, I'll remember to be thankful as I drive to work in the morning.

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