Sunday, February 15, 2015

Baby, it's FRIGID outside

My family makes fun of my about my love of a good snow storm. But, as long as everyone is safe, I really do enjoy being stuck inside! Watching the white snow fall is nice; it always looks so pretty! And, growing up in Western New York, I've certainly seen my share of storms.

This is the time of year, though, that even the most winter-loving person gets tired of it. Almost everyone I know is sick of the winter and sick of the snow and, most of all, sick of the cold. Earlier today was a low of -31 degrees Fahrenheit windchill. That's kind of crazy and even I'll admit to wishing it were a little warmer.

You know what, though? I'm still happy. I still love being snuggled inside, under a blanket, drinking something warm. After church today we came home and everyone just enjoyed doing something on their own...but we were all together, you know? We're all inside, chatting and listening and reading and resting. I believe there may have been some naps, some hot chocolate, some computer games, some TV shows and lots of laughter. (There was also lots of quiet, which is so good for the soul.)

This cold winter is a great reminder of the need for togetherness and clam before the growth-period of spring. We'll all be outside soon enough. We'll feel the warmth of the sun and open all of our windows. We'll clean up our houses in preparation of longer days, filled with outdoor activities because it's too nice to stay inside. (For me, I'll feel too hot to clean much in the summer, so I really need to do a deep clean beforehand!)

I plan to enjoy wonderful family dinner tonight at my in-law's house. I'm sure there will be candles and warmth. We'll be eating out on their patio soon enough, so tonight I'll take advantage of the kids wanting to sit a bit closer and celebrate another winter Sunday.

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