Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Here we are

It's already February, which is quite a long ways from October when I stopped in last. I guess I'm not as good at staying on track with writing as I'd hoped I'd be.  We've had holidays and storms and goodness knows what else since then. But, there's no sense in wallowing. Let's pick up and move on, shall we?

I'm going to Haiti next month. (Next month??? That's soon.) I'm starting to prepare, mentally and by making lists and going to meetings and gathering supplies. There are definitely prayers to be said over the whole thing, and also hopes for relationships and just general excitement.

While the Haiti-prep is happening, the kids and the husband are still moving on with their activities and lives. (I suppose I am, too.) Meetings, practices, plays, school, intermurals…it's all needing our attention. At some point we're adding in some family time and rest, too.

Rest is often the hardest part. We had our annual Super Bowl party, which is always quite the event. I'm still trying to clean up after that, along with doing all of the normal life things, too. Add to that a child with a hurt leg, a father having a medical procedure and some rough days at work and you've got someone who just needs to take it easy. And you know what? I'm actually going to. Sweat pants are on. Nook is charged. Laptop is, well…on my lap. I have a nice glass of Chardonnay next to me and a dog resting on my legs. One child is doing homework, one child is listening to music (both in the room with me) and the other child is at a game with the husband.

Dishes? What dishes?

[I was totally planning to post a picture of the dishes sitting on my counter. BUT, Frick is on my legs and Frack is on my son's legs and the girl is doing homework. It seems ridiculous to ask her to stop studying so the one or two of you can see my housework.]

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