Monday, April 28, 2014

In no particular order

Since I didn't really give too much away in my first post, I thought I'd list some of my bucket list here. Now, it's definitely incomplete. There are things I'm sure I'm forgetting. And, there is a thing or two that I'm just not ready to share. But, there's certainly enough to list. (Posting it also gives me some accountability to actually trying to attain them!)

Here's the list (in no particular order):

- run a full marathon
- go on a mission trip with my second daughter (older daughter and I went earlier this year)
- complete 3 half marathons this year (1 down, 2 to go)
- full marathon
- travel to Greece
- take a family cruise
- become debt free
- sponsor another child through Compassion (we already sponsor a little boy in Uganda)
- go to a blogging conference (I should probably actively blog first)
- become successful enough in thirty-one that my family has more financial freedom 
- buy a Mac (my two computers are provided by work)
- family vacation to Washington DC

There should be more on this list. I'm sure there will be. In fact, I'm sure I'll remember some as soon as I post this! 

I think it's important to have seemingly unattainable dreams along with things you know you can do (with some work). I did my first half marathon in February 2013. That had been on list for so long and it took a lot of prayers, sweat and tears. I did it, though! I ended up doing another one in September 2013 and just completed one a little over a week ago. Crazy!

What are some of your dreams?

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