Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Just Tired

I don't always find Mondays to be difficult. (In fairness, I guess you could say that I often do.) At any rate, today I'm very tired. Work seemed to take a lot out of me and I'm not sure where I've landed.

After I made dinner (pork chops and homemade garlic/parmesan mashed potatoes - so good!), we all sat around for a bit. Then, the girls thought we should go for frozen yogurt and I agreed. We walked to the local place at the plaza around the corner from our house and had a lovely treat.

The kids are taking turns getting cleaned up and I'm on the coach with our dogs. Dave left for a meeting, so it's just us. For a while I seriously did nothing. I just...sat. Eventually I thought I should at least get my laptop and check in here.

I tell you all this not to totally bore you, although I'm sure that's part of the result. I'm telling you because I think we should all feel ok with this kind of night (or day) every now and then. I could get the clothes out of the washer or finish cleaning up from dinner or pick up the thirty-one delivery that came today (free stuff!), but I simply don't want to. And that's ok. All of it will still be there for me to accomplish tomorrow.

Me on the couch with my quilt, computer and dogs
The kids will sit down to read at about 8:30. I typically read with them, but I'm not sure I'll be able to. I may not stay awake! Tonight I will just have to accept that my body and brain are tired. I think we sometimes push ourselves to get it all done and then snap one day. We just can't do it all of the time. I will be a better wife, mother, employee, etc. if I take care of myself and right now that means total rest.

Do you ever need to just take a break? What does that look like for you?

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