Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sanity Check

It has been a long week already...and it's only Wednesday. We've all had those weeks. I know I'm not the first. I also know this won't be the last time it happens to me! But, today was just stupid.

My middle one was diagnosed with mono last week. Luckily she was on spring break, so she didn't miss any school. I'm also luck to have a job/boss that allows me to work from home when necessary. So, I was able to be home with her while she rested. But, she got bored. And we had Easter. She felt particularly lousy at church that morning, but flat-out refused to leave because it was Easter Sunday and it's important. I'm glad it was important to her, but was frustrated that she wouldn't go home to rest. She and I left our family and went the very back to sit on some couches for a bit, then went back up to the pews for communion. (We're not annoying at all!) I ended up asking a doctor from our congregation, as I was walking back from communion, about ruptured spleen symptoms. I'm not crazy or anything.

This week she seemed to be getting worse instead of better. She had severe pain in her left side. Her throat felt raw. In fact, my normally happy and smiley girl was downright miserable. Add to this a big to-do list for work, other children with needs and a husband also working...and you get an unhappy me.

Yesterday was the low point. She felt awful. I looked at her abdomen and, with the expert opinion of my English degree weighing in, it looked swollen. I talked to the doctor's office and we ended up in the ER...who questioned the mono diagnosis. Really? We left with less answers than we had.

Our primary called this morning and said we needed to follow up in the office in the late afternoon. When I told my daughter to get dressed, she was annoyed. But? I was also annoyed. I had several work calls today, deadlines that had to be met, a look at my other daughter's grades. You know - the stuff that an annoying day is made of.

We had to go to the office several towns over, which is less convenient that the one 10 minutes away. The upshot is that we saw a PA that we really like. Even better - we got answers! Yes, she has mono. Also, the pain she's feeling is a pulled muscle from coughing. FROM COUGHING! She doesn't have a ruptured spleen. She's out of school this week, but we're at the end of the sick road. She's back on Monday.

We got back home and saw that the gas company was using our driveway. Seriously. Just had equipment all over. They didn't seem to mind when I got home, although felt like talking to my husband when he arrived. (Hmmm. I need to get over this bitterness.)

I made dinner. I got people ready for practice. I did all the mom things. I got through the whole day! And, I know you can, too. We can get through the bad news, the difficult conversations, the deadlines. We can get through it all with Him. I prayed my butt off today...pretty much all day. And now it's quiet in my house. I have hair color on my hair. (I wonder what it will look like?) I have a drink in my plastic cup. (Our dishwasher is broken. Of course.)

All is right with the world.

How do you get through "those" days?

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